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I'm Back...and Prom 2016

Before I dive into talking about Prom (which happened months ago...oops), I wanted to take a paragraph to say that I'm back from my blogging hiatus!! This summer I've been really busy lifeguarding as well as coaching the swim team and teaching swim lessons. School starts in about a month and Penn State classes start on August 22nd, but I am going to Maine on vacation in about a week so I plan on posting about the trip. I mentioned Penn State classes starting because I'll be taking a class this fall as a non-degree student during my Senior year. I hope to be able to write about the experience as I dive into the college "lifestyle". Until then...enjoy this little throwback to May and the joys of Prom season :).

PS: this article was written in mid-June and I didn't want to edit my original writing so some of it might seem a little outdated! Regarding the part where I say I'll start blogging more, obviously that didn't go as planned. However I have been really active on Instagram lately so head on over to @collegetowncitygirl to see what I've been up to!


Prom came and went this year in the blink of an eye, after preparing for the events for what seemed like forever! I was lucky enough to go to both Senior and Junior Prom this year and they were both really fun experiences that I’m happy to have shared with my friends. I didn’t want to write this post itinerary-style (as in, a play by play of what happened throughout the day/evening) because I know how boring that can be, so I figured I would make it short and sweet and hit the highlights of the nights as well what I wore!

Quick update on life in general: school is finally out(!) and I’ll be working a lot of hours this summer at the pool. I’m going on a few trips over the next couple of months so I definitely plan on blogging about those experiences. I’ll also try really hard to post on a regular basis since more free time allows for more blogging, writing and posting on social media in general!

Senior Prom:

My dress for Senior Prom is by the brand Faviana. The theme was 'Empire State of Mind' so it was

very suiting that my dress was an elegant deep navy gown with a (somewhat) deep v-neckline and an open leg side slit.

I paired the dress with silver-y metallic lace-up Steve Madden heels that I tied into a bow in the front. For jewelry I wanted something to contrast the dark blue of the dress so I went with crystal accessories from Loft and J.Crew. You can see my jewelry close up in the selfie (lol) that I took in the car on the way to Prom.

....and now for fun pictures of me and my friends :)

Me (duh) and Kevin, who was my date.

Here I am with one of my best friends, Einav.

I loved the colors in my corsage for Senior Prom! So cute and the blue really popped and worked well with my dress.

Junior Prom:

My dress for Junior Prom is by Rachel Allan. The theme was Great Gatsby and my dress was a little "flashy", but didn't completely fit the theme. It was a lot more bedazzled and flowy than my senior prom dress.

I paired this dress with gold Jimmy Choo's I bought on the site 'The Real Real' for a little over $100. For jewelry, I picked out a Stella and Dot gold beaded wrap bracelet and gold Kendra Scott earrings.

I couldn't find a picture of my Junior Prom jewelry on its own so I found a picture of my senior and junior jewelry!

The bracelet in action ^ :) ... and now for some more pictures of me and my friends

As you can see, Ben and I had a blast at prom--we both love the opportunity to dress up nice and look our best, so it was right up our alley!

All in all, Prom was a fun experience and I can't wait until next year!

Until next time,


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