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Graduation Season: Dresses

Graduation season is just round the corner for most colleges and high schools and I did a little round-up of my favorite dresses for the occasion. Most of these are from my Graduation Pinterest Board I created during the search for my grad dress (!!!). I eventually settled on the Kimchi Blue dress from Urban Outfitters mainly because of price and I definitely don't regret it! It's a great fit and the lace and scallop design are too cute.

I realize that some of the dresses I chose for this post are a little pricey but the way I see it is you only graduate once...or twice...and maybe even three times depending on how long you end up going to school! But I think no matter what, graduations are important events and everyone deserves to be dressed well after years of working hard to reach a goal. That being said, congratulations to anyone graduating this year and to everyone else: keep going, you'll get there soon enough!



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