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Favorites ~ Week of 5/14/17

A look at what I've been loving lately....

I got this pink notebook at Home Goods, which I've been LOVING lately. Seriously, Home Goods is the SPOT. You can get everything there, from gourmet foods to fluffy rugs to paintings. I actually just got a new rug and bench for my room from Home Goods as well as a couple pillows a few months ago. And of course I went crazy buying stuff for my dorm that I'll be moving into in the fall.

Amie is a skincare brand that I first tried when I got a sample in my Ipsy bag. I received an exfoliating face wash and totally loved it. When it came time to order a full size of the wash, I decided to get this mask as well and I am so glad I did! I love using face masks and this is one that truly cleanses your skin deep down and leaves it feeling so soft. It's a little minty and you definitely feel the burn about five minutes after putting it on, that's how you know it's working!

I've been a big fan of Origins for a long time now because of the ingredients that they use in their products. I'm usually pretty careful about what I put on my face because the quality of my skin is important to me and this Checks and Balances face wash is perfect for me. It's a creamy formula that foams up when you use it and is a crucial part of my daily skincare routine. I can honestly say that this is the #1 face wash product I would suggest to anyone if they want to have clearer, brighter, and healthier skin.

Lately I've been loooooving sparkling water. Regardless of the brand, it's really refreshing and a good alternative to soda if you're looking for a fizzy drink. My favorites are Weis brand Raspberry Sparkling Water and La Croix Cherry Lime.

This is another product I received from an Ipsy bag. I've used Trust Fund Beauty products in the past but this is my favorite from them as of now. I'm a lighter-pink/peachy lip kind of gal so when I found this lip gloss in my bag last month I was so excited! It's a gloss so it is a little shiny and I usually will apply a little bit of matte setting powder over it to combat the shine.

I used to LOVE aviators about 6 years ago and began to shy away from them as I went through high school. However, as of recently I've gotten back into the look and own two pairs now! The store I work at carries a variety of styles and I'll more than likely end up buying them all at some point ;)

Last, but certainly not least, is Harry Styles' new album. I was a HUGE One Direction fan back in the day (aka 2012) so I'm obviously psyched that literally all five (ex-)members of 1D are coming out with solo music. Niall has released two songs recently, Louis released a song with Steve Aoki, Zayn released a single as well as a song with Taylor Swift, and Liam is releasing a single at the end of this week. In short, Harry's album is VERY different from the music One Direction used to sing and I'm totally ok with that. It's a mix of alternative, rock and roll, and of course the ballad 'Sign of the Times', with some coffee house vibes thrown in here and there. Whether or not you were a fan of 1D, I would 100% suggest listening to this album. Seriously, do it.

That's all I have for today, I hope everyone enjoys their week and the warm(er) weather that's to come as we inch closer and closer to summer!



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